Dragonfly Photography by Miranda Bounds | Alabama Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer
Love with your whole heart and share it with the ones you love every single day” -Miranda

Alfred Montapert once wrote that “life is to be enjoyed, to laugh, to sing, and to love.”  If I had a slogan that is what it would be; I would only add to ‘dance in the kitchen’. 

Five years ago, my entire life changed when my mother told me to do what I love and to be great at it. When I told her that I wanted to be a photographer, she giggled and then said “get out there and live your dreams.” 

I am blessed. I am truly blessed. I am married to the most honorable, loving, patient, kind man in the world. He is my soulmate. I mean....let's be honest...he in an incredible person. He is our "voice of reason" and keeps us grounded. My husband Lauren and I have two boys, Brady and Lake. They are my “guys.” They are loud, a little messy, and so full of life and love. My time with my family is so precious, so even though this is my full time job, my other full time job is being a wife, a mother, and a servant of God. 

Love. It is such a strong word and represents so many things. Meeting the love of your life, feeling those butterflies when you see the one you love – there is just nothing like it. I cherish my memories of love. My wall and my shelves are full of images of my family, my mother, our grandparents and more. They are cherished memories and moments that were captured through the eyes of a photographer. 

I believe that five years ago God was calling me to be that person. I believe that it is my way to give, to capture love, to tell a story, so that these images can be cherished forever. Though I lost my mom, who so bravely battled cancer for 5 years, I can still remember those feelings when I look through our family pictures. She is the Dragonfly. This is my testimony to my mother and to my family. 

I am a hopeless romantic and would love to share in your story.