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Happy Birthday Lakey Boy!!


Happy Birthday to my little Lakey boy!! Just like that I have a 5 year old!  Wow. It really just is baffling. I look at this beautiful little guy and my breath is literally taken away by him. Lake is truly one of a kind. He is one of the funniest little guys that you will ever meet. He loves to have fun and get into mischief just like most little boys, but he is my little boy. Mammas out there. You know what I'm talking about. There is nothing like a mamma and her baby boy. You want to pinch there heads off but at the same time hug them so tight because you just do not know if they will ever know how much you love them. Will there ever be enough words or hugs to show you how much I love you little Lake? I am so proud to be your Mamma and I am so proud to call you my son. 


My oldest Brady was so excited to wake up this morning and fix "birthday pancakes" for his brother. Birthdays are a big thing around our family. There is always a good story that comes out of it....ha.  I love this shot of the boys above. Brady is such a great big brother. They make a big mess and play so rough sometimes but those "teeny-tiny" moments of sweetness just melt all that chaos away. Brady just picked him right up and put him on his shoulders. Sweet sweet boys. 

I am constantly amazed by my boys. I want them to stay little as long as they can, but I love watching them learn something new and I cannot thank them enough for all that they have taught me. For giving me the best gift of all and having me as their Mom.
— Miranda

Happy 5th Birthday Lake!! I love you!! - Mom