A Few “What to Wear” Guidelines

Here’s the rundown. I know it can feel kind of daunting to pick what to wear for photos. Here are a few guidelines I’ve put together so you guys can be sure to look amazing and still be able to cuddle up and feel like Beyonce, while still making sure the images are focused on your love, not what you’re wearing.

Full disclaimer, I don’t know anything about fashion. I wear mostly yoga pants and a t-shirt most days so there’s a really good chance you’ve got better style than I do haha! This is just what I’ve found to work best from trial and error from past shoots, they’re only guidelines, not rules!

Ultimately, I want you guys to look like yourselves. Don’t feel like if you don’t follow these guidelines that your photos are gonna be blah. The most important thing to me is that you guys feel and look like yourselves, how you normally dress, so you can be as comfortable as possible! I recommend bringing around around 2-3 outfits. You can also bring accessories, jackets and what not as well. It’s fun shopping for new clothes, but I also recommend bringing stuff that you normally wear, stuff that’s already in your closet. Something that you love and feel yourselves in. Wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks!

Dragonfly Photography by Miranda, LLC Texas Engagement session

Make sure it makes sense.

First off, I always recommend to bring options. We just need to make sure the outfits compliment the environment so that the focus is on you two, not on any distractions, which yes, can be your outfits.

You know what I mean. If its going to be hot, wear clothes that can breath a bit so you don’t melt or show any sweat spots. If, by some chance, it’s going to be cold layer up.



Its no secret that I have a hard time being still. I love movement….especially movement in my images. Make sure that the material that you wear will not only keep you comfortable, but also will also you to move around in. I also love when people bring clothing or accessories that can show movement by catching wind. It just adds a new level of energy to the photo and looks so freaking gorgeous!


Colors + Patterns

I typically recommend sticking with neutrals and earthy tones. Neutrals do not mean just grays and browns, there’s neutrals of every color (mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue, burnt orange, etc). Stay away from bright, fluorescent distracting colors. The only specific colors that I typically recommend to stay away from are pinks, bright oranges, and reds. If you have dark or olive toned skin it might be an exception with the light conditions, but a lot of the time it results in people looking really pink and can cast a different hue on your skin. So just try to stay away from those colors if you can, but if you really want to wear something that is pink, orange or red just check with me and we can figure it out together.

Complementary vs. Matching

Complementary is good. Matching is bad. When people match, then tend to blend together too much. Complementary means the variety of colors, textures, accessories, patterns & tones all sing together while here is separation from each other and the background.


Hair + Makeup

A lot of people ask me whether or not they should get their hair and makeup done by a pro. My answer is always “whatever will make you feel your best, do that”. The most important thing this that you feel confident! If you do schedule hair and makeup, just be sure to give yourself enough time so that you can get dressed and arrive at our shoot on time. Me personally, I love having my hair and makeup done because I have no idea what I’m doing half the time, so its nice to have some extra help. I absolutely don’t think that it is necessary whatsoever. I just recommend that you do whatever makes you feel like YOU!


The location of your engagement session is super important. You’ll want a location that fits you as a couple. Here are some things to consider when choosing your location.

  1. Is there a place that holds significant meaning for the two of you?

  2. Are there any unique places that compliment your hobbies or passions?

  3. What inspires you?

A few more tips:

  1. Don’t overthink it. Relax and have fun. You just do you and I promise you will be just fine.

  2. Ring: I recommend having your ring cleaned for your session. We want that beauty to be nice and shiny!

  3. Hydrate: Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water days before your session. Water is life!

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